Saturday, March 31, 2012

OPI New York Ballet french manicure :)

Yesterday I bought OPI Care to danse? and Pirouette my whistle, and was debating on a manicure to do today that involved them. It then dawned on me that I haven't done a traditional french manicure in ages and thought these would work well.

Well I was right and now I think I need to get the remaining colors.... Oh how my wallet is going to hate me.

So as you may know the New York Ballet colors are really sheer and take multiple coats to get full coverage. The apply really nice and even, which I loved. I think these would be awesome for a subtle glitter sandwich.
I stated out with 3 coats of Care to danse?, I actually really liked this with just 3 coats, you could still see the smile line through the polish which I don't mind. I also love how soft and squishy it looks :)
Then I used my Billie French white and free handed on the tips, I then applied 2 more coats of Care to danse? to to tone down the white and make the base more opaque. If i was to wear Care to danse? alone it would probably be with the 5 coats as it turned out perfect, still soft and squishy but full opaque coverage as well. I then added 1 coat of Pirouette my whistle. I'm sooo happy with the way this all turned out!!! I think its soo pretty and clean looking. Its so not something I normally wear but still really pretty!!

First 3 pictures are with flash the last is no flash :)

Sorry for this being so picture heavy I just loved it so much I had to take lots. Now to try and restrain from buying the rest of the collection >.> lol


  1. I have to say that the French manicure with the traditional light pink/nude and white is my favourite manicure, even though some people find it a little "boring". I do like them with more modern twists with bolder colours as well, but I will always love the traditional one the most :) Those colours are perfect for it, and I love the glitter over top - dresses it up without being 'in your face' flashy :)

    1. thank you, i loved this manicure when i wore it keep thinking about doing it again :)