Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taking a little break

Hey dolls
I have some sad news. Ill be taking a little break  from blogging for now. As you know I haven't had much time latley to blog and it just getting worse and when I do have time to myself I honestly dont feel like writing up a post right now. However I will still be posting on my facebook page which you can get a link to on the blog or just type in "One Nail To Another". I may return after christmas but right now with everything and my new store I just dont have the time.
So sorry and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years <3 xoxoxox

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall into Autumn : Autumn Polka Dots!!

Hey dolls!!!
Ive finally got another Fall Into Autumn challenge for you guys today!!! Ive been slacking sooo hard on this challenge due to lack of time, which im really sad about as there winter challenge is starting soon. But hopefully I can do it :)
For this challenge I started out with 2 coats of OPI DS Illuminate. I then used a dotting tool and did dots using OPI Take The Stage and China Glaze Midnight Kiss. first picture is with flash the second is without. i really like these colors together.

Now if you want to see more awesome manicures, head on over to visit the other lovely ladies who are participating in this challenge!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Party Nails!!!!

Hey dolls!!!!
Thought id do a quick post and show you guys what I did today for my 25th birthday party tonight. I decided to do a pink theme since I loveeee pink. And since I love to bake of course I made my own cupcakes!!! I decided to do a dark chocolate cupcake with fresh raspberry icing!!! I even took fresh raspberries and simmered them down!! They are delicious!!!
I then decided to make some yummy Jell-o shooters!!! Since my favorite flavor is Fuzzy Navel (orange jell-o and peach schnapps) I used my pink Jell-o shooter cups to put them in.
And last but definatly not least the pink nails!!! I wanted pink but with a twist so I painted my nails with 4 coats of Billie Electric Pink, then used 2 coats of Julep Katie in different angels, and on Julep Kate I used a Black Stripe Rite to make Zebra print. I must say I really love the way these turned out!!
And that's the start of my party tonight!!! Now to go find something to wear to fit with my theme!! I hope you all have a great weekend <3

Friday, November 16, 2012

2 new China Glaze polishes!!!

Hey dolls!!!
Woo im on a roll, day 3 of posts thanks to scheduling!!! This week I recieved some more awesome nail mail from my birthday group and it was full of glitter!!1 I love a good glitter polish and this girl knocked it out of the park!!!
Look at all those goodies!!! and the awesome socks, in case you dont know I love adorable socks!!!
I also did some polish shopping today at work as the new China Glaze Worlds Away collection came in today!!! I ended up buying It's A Trap-eze, Water You Waiting For, and Creative Fantasy.
I of course had to try the two glitter right away since they are sooo awesome looking!! On my one had I used 3 coats of Its A Trap-eze and on my other I did 2 coats of Water You Waiting For.
I must say I love both of these polishes equally. They both applied really well and look amazing on!!!! The rest of the collection is also stunning, it was so hard to only buy three. Its so not a traditional colors you'd see this time of the year!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Color Club Winter Affair mini pack

Hello Lovelies!!!
Well tonight I have the new Color Club Winter Affair mini 4 pack to show you. They got released at Sally's at the beginning of the month. Ill tell ya how far behind I am, I did these manicure before November :( lol. But at least im finally showing ya!!!
Right to left are as follows
Snowflakie - A clear base flakie topcoat
Berry and Brights - A red shimmer
Gift of Sparkle - A blue shimmer with a hint of purple
Ho-ho-holly - A green shimmer with a hint of gold
Each swatch is 2 coats without a top coat.
I decided to use Gift of Sparkle, Ho-ho-Holly and Snowflakie as a manicure.
I must say I love these colors, they applied soo well and they are absolutely stunning, definatly represent winter!!! And the Color Club minis are just sooo stinking cute!! Definatly grab these if you see em in store!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My first Girly Bits!!!!

Hey dolls!!!!
Oh man this week has been crazyyy!!! besides it being my birthday week, and then having manager training Ive been working so much its insane. I have been painting my nails just no time to write any posts. So here is a  quick one for ya tonight so that I can hopefully write a few and schedule them over the next few days :)
I got 2 Girly Bits minis in my birthday packages so I thought id ear them together. I used Razzle Dazzle and Purple Potion for this manicure. It took 3 coats of each to get fully opaque. The sparkle in these are insane the photo really doesn't do them any justice.
Aren't they gorgeous!!!!! I was really surprised how easy the removal was for these, I used regular base coat and taking it off by just rubbing with acetone only took about 10 minutes which was awesome!!!
Anyways look out for some new posts with some new Color Club and China Glaze releases!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My birthday nails

Hey dolls!!
Since tomorrow is my 25th birthday I just had to do some birthday nails tonight even thou im not doing much tomorrow for my birthday tomorrow as I'm celebrating it next weekend :) I really should be catching up on my fall challenge thou since im 2 weeks behind but this had to come first hehe.
I decided to do 5 different designs using an array of polishes. So ill tell ya what I used for each finger.
Thumb: CG Dance Baby, CG Hey Sailor, CG Fuchsia Fanatic, CG Sweet Hook, Billie French White, CG Sunshine Pop, CG Gaga For Green, CG Electric Beat, and CG Pink Plumeria
Pointer: Barry M Nude, Orly Winter Wonderland, Kleancolor Sugar Coat, CG Sunshine Pop and a Black Stripe Rite.
Middle: Billie French White, CG Dance Baby,CG Hey Sailor, CG Fuchsia Fanatic, CG Sweet Hook,CG Sunshine Pop, CG Gaga For Green, CG Electric Beat, and CG Pink Plumeria.
Ring: Barry M Nude, CG Electric Beat,  CG Gaga For Green, CG Pink Plumeria, and Stripe Rite in Black, Yellow and Orange.
Pinkie: Elemental Styles Actin-ium My Age, Billie French White, and a Gold and Black Stripe Rites.
I really like the way this turned out!!!! Definatly screams birthday to me hehe. Look forward to another birthday manicure next Saturday!!!!