Monday, October 29, 2012

My halloween nails

Hey dolls!!!
Today was my first day in my new store, and I cant tell you how exciting it is!!!! I have a meeting all day tomorrow so I had to do my Halloween manicure tonight. I decided to go the simple colorful route this time.
I started out with 3 coats of OPI Hi, Pumpkin. I then did one coat of Julep Anne on the tips. I then took a Black Stripe Rite and drew on the spider webs. When that was all done I decided it needed something else so I made a glow-in-the-dark top coat out of pigment I got the other day. I got 6 different glow colors and for this one I choose green :)
I got the inspiration for the design from this blog. 
I cant believe how well the glow pigment works. this was only after about a minute of exposing my nails to the night. Its insane!!! bad thing is is that you can see anywhere it touches the skin so it took me a while to clean up.
Anyways I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween <3!!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall into Autumn: Halloween

Hey dolls!!!
Its the end of the week again!!!! Tomorrow is my last day at my current store and its quiet sad, ill miss my girls, but im also really excited for whats ahead. I was nice yesterday and decided to bake the girls cupcakes before I left. So I made them Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter chips. Topped with Peanut Butter icing with chocolate chips on it. They are delicious!!!
But enough about cupcakes and onto some nails. Today I have the Halloween challenge for you. I think this is my first post using my light box. I need to get a new light that doesn't make my skin look orange, and will get me a bit more light but its getting there :)
So for the Halloween mani I decided to use 5 different colors, with 5 different glitter, and different stamps on each.
Thumb : China Glaze Pelican Grey, Nubar Black Polka Dots, Plate OB26
Pointer: China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard, Franken - Zombie Rot, Plate OB26
Middle: Julep Anne, Cult Nails Seduction, Yellow Stripe Rite,  Plate BM-305
Ring: Sally Girl Banana, Franken - Witches Brew, Plate BM-301
Pinkie: China Glaze Orange You Hot, Franken - Sweets N' Treats, Plate BM-305

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Monday, October 22, 2012

A-Engald and Make-up Store

Hey dolls!!!

Sorry Ive been MIA again, I ended up wearing my last manicure till sunday and I was swamped all weekend with stuff. But im back again!!!

Today I thought id show you the nail mail I recieved last week, I got 2 of my birthday gifts so far!!

Lovely Kira overly spoiled me!!! She got me Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle, Make-up Store Charmine, A-England Lady of the Lake, and Barry M Nude, Mint Green, Vivid Purple, and Shocking Pink. As well as some delicious candies!!!

Sweet Nini also spoiled me!!!! She got me Girly Bits Purple Potion, Gosh Magic Star, Sephora Twinkle Twinkle, Revlon Preview Pink, and Models Own Disco Mix and Lilac Dream. As well as a cool buffer set and also yummy candies!!

I cant believe how awesome my first to packages were, definatly better than what I ever expected!! My girls are the greatest <3

And of course I had to use some of the new holos right away so I used Charmine and Lady of the Lake.

I cant believe how amazing these are!!!! 2 coats and they are prefect, the holo was insane and that wasnt even int eh sunlight!! Sadly it was cloudy the day I wore this!! But ill defiantly be trying them again soon!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall into Autumn: Autmn Ombre/Gradient

Hello again lovelies!!!!!
I decided to do the second challenge post right away as im sooooo excited for this one!!! I'm soo in love with the mani, it turned out better then what I had hoped!!!!!
I saw an awesome tutorial on YouTube by Robin Moses called Love Birds , I decided to use her tutorial for this manicure but not to do the birds and to bring the leaves and branches further up the nails. My goal was to make it look like falling leaves but to use all the colors of the rainbow like Robin did.
I started out with 2 coats of Barry M Nude as the base. I must say I love this color, its nice and sheer and matches my skin tone!!!!! I couldn't stop starring at it and it was only a nude!!!
Since I used so much for this manicure Ill break it down by hand :) I did use a mix of brown and black acrylic paint for the branches.
For the left hand I used the following :
China Glaze Hey Sailor
China Glaze Riveting
China Glaze Orange You Hot
Julep Hayden
Julep Blake
China Glaze Electric Pineapple
Acrylic Paints
For the right hand I used the following:
OPI Who The Shrek Are You
China Glaze Entourage
China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise
China Glaze Frostbite
China Glaze Tempest
Julep Anne
Acrylic Paints
Now sorry for the picture spam of the nails!!!!! I took soo many pictures and narrowed it down to 6 pictures out of about 40!!
 I am so in love with this, Robin does a great tutorial and made it soo easy to recreate. Ill definatly be keeping this on for a while, but I do have other manis saved up to show you guys later on in the week so stay tuned :)

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Fall into Autumn: Pumpkins

Hey dolls!!!
Hope your week has been going good!!! Ive been going crazy since the vacation between interviews for my new store and home life, but I have made time to do my nails just havent had time to blog :(
I have 2 challenge manis to blog about, some epic nail mail as its my month in my birthday group, and some new pretties :)
So today I have for you the first challenge post, pumpkins!!!
I had so much hopes for this manicure, it just didnt turn out as good as in my head. I loved Neverlands Nails creepy scratch nail art that I thought it would be the prefect technique for the base of the pumpkin. I started out with 2 coats of OPI Candle light, then did one coat of OPI Hi Pumpkin followed with 1 coat of Essence Wake Up. I think when I did the scratch card I pulled too hard as it went right down to the bare nail :(
I then used a bright green and a darker green stripe right for the leaves, but I used a base of white for them to make them pop more.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

China Glaze Bohemians

Hello Lovelies!!!
Hope you all are having a great week, I know I probably am lol.
Today's I have the remaining 2 China Glaze Bohemian polishes to show you. A while ago I bought the first 4 adn swatched them, and the other day when they went on reduced at my work I picked up the last two.
Swanky Silk is a soft golden/taupe duo chrome. I love how neutral this color is but also how shinny and shimmery it looks. For this swatch I used 2 coats, it is a bit streaky thou which im not a fan of.
Overall thou im really glad I got this color, I can see this being great if you need something not so flashy but still with a little pizzazz!!
Rare & Radiant is a dupe of many colors. Its a gold/green duo chrome. I normally dont like golds on me, but this one I kinda do. Its probably the green hue that makes me like it more. Definatly great for the fall thou.
Again for this I used 2 coats which I think works perfect. Ill have to do a comparison to the OPI color this is similar to as I own both of them :)
Anyway thou dolls, I'll be back tomorrow with a new post :) Have a great weekend!!! <3

Thursday, October 11, 2012

OPI Burlesque Little Teasers minis

Hey dolls!!!
Today is the last day of the OPI mini sets. The last set I picked up was the Burlesque Little Teasers. When this collection came out I did get a few of them, The Show Must Go On, Teas-y Does It, and Sparkle-icious.  OF course in this mini set is one of those colors lol.
I love the shimmer in this mini set, its just soo shinny and pretty. I love me a good shimmer :)
Left to right (sorry for the visible nail line) :
Ali's Big Break - red shimmer, 3 coats
The Show Must Go On! - deep pink shimmer, 3 coats
Take the Stage - warm orange shimmer, 3 coats
Rising Star - gold shimmer, 3 coats
I love all these colors soo much!! Again thou I just wish they were more opaque. I hate seeing a visible nail line and after 3 coats, it really should still be there :( But that wont stop me from wearing these beauties, ill just have to layer them on more next time!!!!
Now I have one more scheduled post for you guys tomorrow and then Ill be back on Saturday!!!! Hope you enjoyed all the mini sets!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Minis

Hey dolls!!!

Here is day 2 of the OPI mini collection, and today we have Pirates of the Caribbean!!!! I dont know about you guys but I totally loved that movie, who cant love Jack Sparrow?? But this is one collection I never bought a polish from and after getting my hands on this mini set im not to sure why...
I was sooo excited for that pink and purple!!! The colors are sooo dusty its amazing!!!!
Left to right:
Stranger Tides - Is a dusty mint green, 4 coats
Sparrow me the Drama - Is a grey based purple, 3 coats
Planks a Lot - A dusty pink , 3 coats
Skull & Crossbones - A greenish grey, 4 coats
I love the colors of these I just wish the formula was a bit better, the end 3 were really streaky adn that's why they need 4 caots. if they'd take less coats id totally be in love with this entire collection. But i must say that pink and purple are amazing!!! And im soo glad I now own them!!!
Tomorrow look forward for the Burlesque minis!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OPI So So Skullicious Minis

Hello lovelies!!!
Today is the first of 3 scheduled OPI mini posts!!!! So the reason there's 3 is that the other day I went to my local Cosmo Prof and outta the blue they had 2 old mini sets there and the new Halloween one. So of course I picked up all the and they only cost $18!!!!
So today I have for you guys the So So Skullicious set. This is there 2012 Halloween collection.

 I actually really like this collection, there all creams and nice and bring besides the black.
from left to right:
Candlelight - A bright yellow cream, took 3 coats
Morning Glory - A shiny black cream, took 2 coats
A-rose from the Dead - A bright pink cream, took 2 coats
Hi, Pumpkin - A bright orange cream, took 3 coats
I was very impressed with there black, wasn't even streaky which is nice. And that pink is to die for. So wish that came in a larger bottle as id be all over that.
Overall im really pleased with this collection, they have some good colors and great formulas and of course the cute mini bottles are a plus. Also you get 10 little nail decals with it that look like skulls which are also a plus.
Look forward to the Pirates of the Caribbean minis tomorrow!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Think Pink

Hey dolls!!!!
Before I leave for the week I thought id show you guys the manicure ill be rocking for my vacation.
I made a franken is honor of breast cancer for myself and called it Think Pink. Its a clear base with different pink and white glitters in it.
For the swatches its 1 coat alone, 1 coat over black, and 1 coat over Orly Fancy Fuchsia.
For my nails I used Orly Liquid Vinyl on all nails but my ring finger which I used Orly Fancy Fuchsia and then did 1coat of Think Pink.
I really love this franken and will be really happy having this on my nails for the week.
I hope you all have a great week and I have scheduled posts set to post at 10:01 am every day, so make sure to check them out :)


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall into Autumn : Leaves

Hey dolls,
Hope you all are having a great weekend, and for my Canadian followers, I hope you all are having a happy Thanksgiving!!!!
I am going away on Monday for 5 days with the hubby to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. But while im gone on Tues-Thursday there will be posts on 3 OPI mini sets, so make sure to check them out :)
So for today's post I have the next Fall into Autumn challenge for you which is leaves. A while ago I made a fall franken called Autumn Rising. Its inspired by the changing eave colors of fall, so I thought it was appropriate to use that for today's post.
These swatches are 1 coat alone, 1 coat over black, and 1 coat over Julep Rachel.
But for today's manicure I decided to start off with 2 caots of OPI Taking the Stage, from the Burlesque collection. And then do 1 layer of Autumn Rising over top.
I do really like this combination, I think it really shows the colors of the fall.
Well dolls you'll get 1 more post from me tomorrow, and then dont forget about the scheduled posts!!!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stamping and Dots

Good morning lovelies!!!!
I figured id do my post this morning since I love this manicure so much and cant wait till I get home tonight.
This is the first time Ive used 3 different plates, 2 different colors and a dotting tool, all in one manicure!!! And I can tell you now that it wont be the last time I do this as its sooo much fun.
So for the base I started out with Essence Color and Go in Wake Up!. Its a nice orange cream that applies perfectly in 2 coats.
Once that was dry I looked through my plates to see what Halloween ones I own, turns out I have 3!!! OB26, BM-305 and to-10 (I got it from chez delaney), and I used Konad White and Black from the stamping. Once the stamping was done I took Billie Purple and China Glaze Kiwi Cool-ada and did dots in those, which I think completed the mani. Ill tell you what plate I used one each finger :)
Thumb - BM-305
Pointer - OB 26
Middle - OB 26
Ring - OB 26 and BM - 305
Pinkie - to-10
What do you guys think??? I was originally only gonna stamp with black, so if I decided from the beginning to do the 2 colors I would have reversed the middle finger. But I still love this. I think its stinking adorable for Halloween!!!!
Anyway dolls hope you all have a great day!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Into Autumn: Football

Hey dolls!!!

Hope you all have been having a great week. Mine has been pretty busy yet again lol. I just finished spending like 2 hours on my nails, filling them all down again :( I had a nail start to break across earlier this week and i used Gelish on it to secure it, well today that also started to crack. Then of course I got it stuck in a desk drawer so now I have nubbins, and it feels sooo weird. But I must say the manicure im gonna show you tomorrow is stinking adorable!!!!!!

But onto today's nails!!!! Since today's challenge post is about footballs and im farrrrr from being a sports girl, I decided to do pink footballs since its also breast cancer month.

I started out with 3 coats of OPI Peddle Faster Suzi. Once dry I used a White Stripe Rite to paint on the football lines. OC course I then decided to add my SF topcoat too it since I realized I haven't used it in a while.

I loved how my nails have gotten more rounder as I think it compliments the footballs. I think I did a pretty good job with this challenge.

But make sure to stop by tomorrow and see my first time combining stamping and dots :D.

Now if you want to see more awesome manicures, head on over to visit the other lovely ladies who are participating in this challenge!!!