Thursday, March 8, 2012

First time stamping and first Pretty and Polished!!!

So i joined a stamping group on facebook since I love polish and seen all the cool mais girls were creating. I bought a plate and two konad polishes a few years ago, couldnt get the hang of it so never did do a mani with them. Latlety thou ive been looking at what the girls have been doing and read posts on stamping. Since then ive ordered like 5 plates and the first one came today, MLS-05!!!!

Sorry for the crappy picture, was really hard to get one without a reflection of myself in it :)

Now since im loving my tronica nails I stamped over top of it (exscuse the bit of tip wear from work today)

I used Konad black and white for the stamping. The glitter is a pretty and polished color called Valentino!!

Here is a picture of Valentino and Party on my yacht. My first pretty and polish polishes and wont be my last. They are absolutly stunning. The glitter goes on really well. I cant wait to do a full mani with Party on my yacht. Here a swatch of both of them :)

Arent they just absolutly stunning!!!


  1. They turned out great! that plate one from Ebay?...looks like lots of cute designs...Plz keep doing more stamping pics...

  2. Wow your stamping is fab! I can't wait to see your swatches of Pretty & Polished Party On My Yacht. I ordered that polish last night. x