Sunday, March 25, 2012

My stash :)

I decided to do a post on my stash for two reasons. One is to see how it grows over the next year, and the other is because I couldn't bring my self to take off my super hero nails and wanted something different to blog about.

So about a month ago my wonderful hubby bought me my first Helmer as my acrylic stair steps couldn't hold my stash anymore. And I must say I love how neat and tidy it is now, and that its like two feet from my computer now instead of in a different room. In my Helmer I only keep polishes, all my top coats including crackles, nail art pens, stamping tools, and accessories are kept on top in a small plastic 3 drawer container and a little makeup box :)

so the first picture will be of my actual Helmer :) I only put the names on them today and I love that I can see whats in each drawer even thou I have it memorized already he he.

I tried to fit my China Glaze into one drawer, however there were wayyy to many so the top drawer is all warm colors (pink, red, yellow and orange) as well as white, grey, brown and sparkles. The second drawer is all the cool colors (blue, green and purple). Figured that would be the best way to sort them, and I thought it was cute that the colors of the letters correspond to the drawers :).

As you can see my two drawers have roughly the same amount in them, which i'm happy about :) I do need to get liners for the drawers so my polishes don't move around so much. These two drawers are my fullest in my Helmer :)

My Billie and Orly drawer is over run by Orly right now but I added Billie to this one as I plan to grow them since they are really inexpensive and everyone Ive tried has been awesome!!! *There neon's are fantastic if you like bright colors*

 I put Julep and OPI together because I don't get those too often,. Julep I only get from my monthly box and OPI I only buy when they have a collection coming out I want and go wander around my cosmoprof.

I do however want to grow my silver cap collection, I'm planning to stop by cosmoprof this week and see if any are hanging around, 5 just isn't enough :)

My drug, misc and Finger Paints drawer has a little bit of everything from my Sally hansen's, to my Disney, my brash, Joe fresh, Kleancolor, Color club, Zoya, Savvy, Ultra pro, Sinful colors and of course my Finger Paints :)

As you can tell a lot of these I have only a few of excluding fingerpaints. As they grow I may move them into another drawer, but for now they get to spend time together :)

And my last drawer has all my mini bottles (Essence, Sally girl and OPI) as well as my indie polishes (Cult nails and Pretty and Polished), my Gelish polish which is forever growing, and the few frankens Ive made :)

I definitely want to expand my indie polishes as I love supporting those lovely ladies. And the mini bottles are just totally adorable.

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed see my stash and my way of trying to keep them organized :) I'm so happy with my Helmer and cant wait to fill it up more he he <3

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