Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spectraflair on China Glaze Neons!!!!

Well dolls tomorrow is Friday!!!!! And im off for the weekend!!! Even thou Ive felt like crap these past few days, been really sick, im still looking forward to it. I got a busy weekend planned and wont be home till Sunday so ill be MIA for a few :( Gonna go fishing Friday and Saturday and then Saturday night going to down town Toronto to see the in-laws and go out. But I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

Now for my manicure for the weekend I wanted it to be simple but bright, just in case it gets any chips or anything. So I decided to use all 10 of the China Glaze shimmer Neon's and then put my
SF-14 topcoat over top in case its sunny this weekend.

On my left hand I used from thumb to pinky : Beach Cruise-r, Sun-kissed, Pink Plumeria, Splish Splash, and Love's a Beach.  The first picture is without flash the rest are with flash :)

For my right hand used from thumb to pinky: Surfin' for Boys, I'm With the Lifeguard, Hang-ten Toes, Orange You Hot?, and Flirty Tankini. The first picture is without flash the rest are with flash :)

If you want to see what they look like without the SF I do have a past blog post with all the colors swatches. But I must say I loveee the way these look with the SF. The holoness is insane!!!! I couldn't capture it fully with my camera. Hopefully I can get a better picture at some point this weekend.

Hope you all have a great weekend and talk to you all on Sunday!!! XO

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing around with DRK-A

I was sooo excited when I got home yesterday and see then my DRK-A plate from Ninja Polish was here. Ive recently fallen more in love with stamping and hated that the Konad ones were a bit to small to cover my entire thumb. I then found out that the DRK plates are huge which they are!!! Its awesome!!!!!

Aren't those images just awesome!!!! Once there shipping department re opens in early June I am sooo ordering the DRK-B plate, and to prepare for this I just ordered the yellow, pink and red Konad stamping polishes :) I'm soo excited!!!

Okay so to start I decided I wanted a fun bright base color. I started with 2 coats of Billie French White then sponged China Glaze Splish Splash, I'm With The Lifeguard and Sun-kissed from the new neons collection onto the nails using a cosmetic sponge.

Once that was dry I couldn't pick just one stamp to use so I used a different one on each nail and used Konad Black to stamp with.

First picture is with flash to try and capture the base color better and the 2nd two are with no flash so that you can see the black better.

I love the way this turned out the zebra one and the stars have to be my favorite but the cats and the paw prints are adorable!!!! I cant wait to play around with it some more.

What do you guys think about it?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Omg its Floam!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!! I know I did, I love getting to see my niece and nephews!!!! My nephew who's birthday it was had a blast and was soo happy I made it, it was so worth all the driving to see the smile on his little face!!!!

Now a deal friend of mine helped me squish one of my biggest lemming, Nail-Venturous Floam!!!!!! I cant even thank her enough its soo awesome. Of course I had to try it as soon as I got home he he. You can buy Floam from either Ninja Polish or Nail-Venturous Etsy shop when there in stock, which isn't very often. Its the most amazing yellow and blue matte glitter ever!!!! The blue is a bit more prominent which  love!!! I used 2 coats for this manicure :)

Ahhhh isn't it just amazing!!!!! I am totally in love, like cant even explain how much in love!!! I totally see and understand all the hype about it, it deserves every little bit about it.

Now as I mentioned a few posts ago I will be holding a 100 follower giveaway would like a few more opinions on if you'd prefer 2 Orly Glam FX or 3 China Glaze Neon's :)

Stayed tuned to tomorrow for stamping over this manicure :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ice cream and Candy

As you guys saw in my last post its one of my nephews birthdays this weekend, so I decided to do a "birthday" themed manicure. I finally got to use the ice cream adn cupcake stamp on my MLS301 plate. Ive been wanting to use it for a while and figured this one the perfect time to.

I started out with 4 coats of Orly Glow Stick, a neon yellow cream from Orly's new Feel The Vibe collection. I love this color so much, its so ridiculously bright but it does take quiet a few coat to get opaque, if you layered it over white you'd get to use less. I then stamped over it with Konad blue polish since its for a boys birthday but I then decided to add a few pink polka dots with Orly Beach Cruiser also from the Feel The Vibe collection.

I love the way this turned out its so bright and cheerful, definatly perfect for a 7 year olds birthday.

Now I have to show you a picture of his cake, im sooo happy with it!!! He mentioned to my dad that he wanted a baseball cake he has no idea that I made him one :)

I cant wait to see my niece and nephews tomorrow, sadly my brother has them the weekends I work so I don't get to see them as often as id like but I make the most out of the time when I do therefore you guys wont hear from me again until sunday. So i hope you all have a great weekend.

Also I hit 100 followers today!!! So next week lookout for a giveaway!!! Thank you all again for being so dedicated, I read each and every comment even thou I don't reply right away. However I have caught up on those finally he he. Thanks again thou I greatly appreciate all of your guys support <3!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Orly Burried Alive

I feel soooo bad that Ive been sooooo MIA these past few days and this weekend is gonna be just as bad.. :( ... Ive been working a crazy amount and there has been sooo many birthday lately that Ive been baking and working and playing diablo...... lol!!! Today is no different day off and im baking a cake for my oldest nephews 7th birthday this weekend hehe. He asked for a baseball themed cake so ill post a picture once its done. I also think im like the greatest aunt in the world right now for buying him an awesome remote control boat for this birthday ha ha. So this weekend you wont here anything from from from Saturday morning till sunday afternoon as I have to work Saturday then drive 1.5 hours to see him spend the night and drive back to work in the morning, but hes sooo worth it <3!!!

Okay so enough rambling on about my life just wanted to keep you guys updated <3

Okay so yesturday the enw Orly Glam FX polishes came into my work, I was so busy that I forgot to buy the 2 I want lol. So friday I will be getting the pink and the green and will try and get swatches up as soon as possible.

Last night I re organized my stash, my 2 drawers of China Glaze were pretty much full so I decided it was time to sort it by color, ill post some pics in a few days once I re name the drawers and such. White doing this thou I came acros Orly Buried Alive that I forgot I havnt worn yet. 

Orly Buried Alive reminds me of a combination of chocolate and root beer, mmmmm!!! Lol!! Its a brown with copper/gold shimmer in it. I used 2 coats for this sadly thou this polish was really think and sucked to apply. I really dont like this color on me, it will be getting changed after im done baking and taking my grandmother out shopping :)

What do you guys think??? I am glad I bought it thou as it the only Dark Shadows polish I own hehe.

Now ive been stuck at 98 followers for over a week now once I do hit 100 I will do a giveaway, the question is would you prefer 2 of the new Orly Glam FX or 3 of the new China Glaze Neons???

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Nail Junkie Birthday Group Collection

A few months back I decided to make a set of polishes representing the lovely ladies in my birthday group. I made 2 of each one for me and one to send to the doll who's polish it was. It took me a while to make them all as I was waiting on SF and some stuff from TKB but after spending this morning making them like crazy they are done!!!! You can see individual swatches on my "Birthday Group" page if you'd like to see a larger picture and my color since I only have 10 fingers he he.

So I did decided to do a skittles manicure with them all. Each color has 2 coats. You may wonder why there are only 11, sadly one girl had to leave the group so for the 12th im trying to think of an awesome topcoat that would compliment all the colors. Also please excuse the nubbins, I broke a nail really short yesterday so had to file them all down :(

I names the polishes after the girl so the colors are as follows :)

Left picture thumb to pinky : Zoe, Alyssa B, Tracy, Helen, and Kathrin

Right picture thumb to pinky : Janelle, Alexia, Nicole, Alyssa C, and Miagi Cat

The girls are all loving them all and wanting them all so who knows I may make more of these or just more polish is the future. I did enjoy it just need to work out some kinks :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double Stamp with Konad m85

I have some very exciting news!!!! That post I did yesterday I entered into the China Glaze Martini Manicure challenge and guess what!?!?! I won!!!! Ahhh you don't even know how ecstatic I was!! Ive never won anything before so it was an amazing feeling!!!

Okay now that Ive calmed down lol. Yesterday I treated myself to 2 new konad polishes and a new stamp. I got Konad m85 and there plain black and blue polish. Ive been wanting a colored one for awhile, and now that I have one and Ive tried it I want more!!!!

I used the base from my Singapore Sling manicure which was China Glaze Pink Voltage and Make some noise. I then first stamped the blue on using the circles pattern. Once I did every nail and it was dried I used my white and turned the stamp upside down and re stamped over it. I love the way this turned out. Its the first time that Ive done a double stamping and couldn't be happier with it.

I defiantly do like this color combination on Pink Voltage rather than Make some noise.

What do you guys think are some must have Konad stamping polish colors?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Martini Manicure

I am so sorry for being so absent lately, not only has the game Ive been waiting for for like 7 years finally come out, Diablo 3. But I also have to work my 2 days off this week so Ive been extremely busy. I feel so bad and miss posting for you guys. But hopefully this weekend will be better as im off sunday and Monday :) Also Monday I should have some pictures of some polishes Ive been working on for my lovely birthday group, finally got my SF and some other stuff Ive been waiting on. Also some more exciting news im doing my first Brazil swap and im getting the new Jade holographic polishes and a few other so cant wait to get those and show you guys<3

Now onto the nails. If any of you guys have China Glaze likes on facebook youd know that they came up with a "Martini Manicure", the whole point of this is that the 3 fingers your hold a martini glass are differnt then the other 7. These fingers are tipically your middle, pointer and thumb on your right hand. They also came up with a list of differnt drink inspired combos from there polishes and are having a contest that ends today to win a whole set of the China Glaze neons. Even thou I already own them I entered anyways as it is open internationaly.

Here is there manicure menu.

My oringal manicure I choose to do was the Pina Colada which is Sun worshiper on 7 nails and Electirc Pineapple on the other 3. I do love this color combination!!! I used 5 coats for Sun Worshiper as its really sheer and wanted it really opaque, Electric Pineapple only took 3.

So since before I got to write this blog post this manicure got ruined at work from having to clean up a broken polish I did another one :)

I decided to do Singapore sling as well since when deciding on the first manicure I realized that some how I didnt own Pink Voltage!!! How the hell did this ever happen, I was so shocked when I raelized it. So I obviously bought it adn did this one. Shocking pink took 3 coats, and Make some noise only took 2.

Now in order to enter the contest your picture also has to include there manicure menu so this is what my picture ended up looking like :)

I love the way this turned out, and love the idea of this. Will you try a "Martini Manicure" or will you be inspired to try adn create your own drink combo?

Thanks for reading <3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lime green animal print

Have you guys even seen a neon's collection and not be inclined to buy one? I was like that with the finger paints new neon collection. I think this was mostly due to me already own all the new China Glaze Summer Neon's. However after staring at them for almost a week at work I decided to purchase there Silkscreen green. Its a neon lime green that goes opaque in 2 coats. It applied really well and actually had quiet a bit of shine to it without a top coat which is really strange for a neon.

Isn't that ridiculously bright? I could stop staring at my nails they were sooo distracting!! Now what could make neon nails even better you ask? Well how about some purple adn black cheetah print with an accent nail of zebra :)

I decided to freehand the design since I haven't done animal print in which seems like forever. And i really like this color combination :) I used 2 stripe rites to do it.

But if you guys want to see more awesome untried polishes head on over to some other lovely ladies in my birthday group!!!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Snoopy Nails :)

A little while ago I seen an awesome manicure done by Rachel over at Glam Polish. I loved everything about her manicure!!! Whats not to love thou about holo polish and snoopy? So after seeing this I had to order some of the nail water decals from Born Pretty. I ordered the Snoopy set and a Hello Kitty set.

Now one thing I learned about these water decals are if you try adn do it like a normal tattoo where you put the design on the nail and a wet sponge on top, I noticed the design was all white but I was able to peel it on my nail and flip it. So for the others i wet the paper and slid the design off and just placed it on my nail. Found this to be really easy, took me about 5 minutes to do both hands :)

I started out with 2 coats of a SF-35 polish I created a while back. I love Spectraflair and how versatile it is. I cant wait to make colored polishes with it.

I then used the Snoopy decals on my nails. Top two pictures are with flash bottom to are without.

Aren't they adorable!!!!! I cant even express how awesome these things are, soo affordable, soo quick and easy. Whats not to love? Ill defiantly probably be using these alot now after how much Ive fallen in love with them :)

Now tomorrow a new game comes out, so I do appologize if I'm away more often for the next week but im very excited about Diablo 3. However I do already have some blog posts ready for you lovely readers <3

Sunday, May 13, 2012

DS Original over Black!!!

I know when I first started blogging I did a post of Opi DS Original. However Ive been seeing it in my helmer and its been screaming at me to use it again. So I decided to mix it up a bit and layer it over black to make it a bit different.

DS Original is an extremely holographic lilac color. Last time I wore this it was cloudy the entire time so hopefully this time ill be able to get a picture in the sun for you guys.

For this I did 2 coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl and then 2 Coats of Opi DS Original. I really love how the black adds depth to the polish. I also find it makes the holoness pop even more. I used a flash for the photos in artificial light :)

And heres one photo of it in the sunlight :)

Mmmm look at the holoy goodness!!! I cant even describe to you how much I love the polish. I really wish China Glaze and OPI would come out with more colors like this!

But if you guys want to see more awesome untried polishes head on over to some other lovely ladies in my birthday group!!!

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AinS: Plate ending in 5

I finally have an Adventures in Stamping Sunday challenge for you guys!!!! Either usually I do it and don't like the final look so don't post it or I don't have a plate to use for it.  So today was a plate ending in 5 which I surprisingly have 2 of those!!!!

I was sooo excited to get to do one that I decided I would finally try stamping with something other than a Konad Polish.

I started out with 3 coats of Models Own Aqua Violet for the base. I got this color in a recent swap from the lovely Zoe at Obsessive Compulsive Nail Painting Disorder. I love this color, the application was so nice, and the color is gorgeous. I love the duo chrome effect in it even thou my camera didnt want to capture that too well.

I then decided to use China Glaze OMG for the stamping as Ive seen on other blog posts that its worked pretty well. I wish it would of shown up a bit better but I think it looks nice and vintage. I used plate MLS -05 for the design, which is like an antique flower/vine. I also tried to keep the stamp to the outer half of my nail :)

I really like the way this turned out ill try and get a picture in the sun today as the flash makes  hard to see in some parts. I think with some practice with this color I could get the hang of it.

Anyways dolls, time to get ready for work, have a great Sunday <3

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hits Glitter Forte swatches

I received one of my most anticipated nail mails this week!!! It was my first order from Llarowe which was 4 of the Hits Glitter Forte polishes!!! These are also the first Hits that I own, which I decided to buy as a treat for myself back when I got my income tax return :)

I absolutely love to wear glitter even though removing it sucks no matter how you go about it so when I saw these were on her sale page I just couldn't help but buy a few to try. I used 2 coats for all of these with no top coat and taken with a flash in artificial light

First off is number 611- Indie, which is a bright green glitter. This color reminds me of the tropic because of its yellow undertone. I think this would make a killer french tip :)

Number 368 - New Wave, is a red glitter with an orange undertone. I think you would get away with this color any time of the year, not just around christmas. Its definatly a must if you like glitter and red polishes.

Number 367 - Rockabilly, is a bright pink glitter. This has to be my favorite one out of these four. Its so pretty and feminine!!! And of course the fact that its pure glitter makes it that much better!!! This will definatly be used as a full mani or pedi soon.

Number 612 - Britpop, is a light blue glitter. This color reminds me of the ocean or rain. Its an absolutly gorgeous color and would look great on almost any skin tone!!

Overall I love all the colors, they are all jammed packed with glitter and apply really nice.

Have you guys ever tried these? I cant wait to try some of the Hits holos or duo-chromes!!! They will be mine one day and I can just imagine that they will be truly awesome!!!

But if you guys want to see more awesome untried polishes head on over to some other lovely ladies in my birthday group!!!
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Friday, May 11, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons Swatches & Review

I have a very special post for you guys today!!!! You all know that I bought the whole China Glaze Summer Neon's collection last week and I promised you all swatches on them. For those of you that don't know this collection can already be purchased at Cosmo prof, however if you aren't a hairstylist or nail tech or such then unfortunately you cant shop in one :( However Sally Beauty Supply will be selling them as of June 1st!!!! I will warn you this is pretty picture heavy. I used 2 coats for each color and all are taken with flash in artificial light and without top coat.

Splish Splash is an awesome blue shimmer.  The application was flawless, nice and easy with no streaks. I'm in love with blue these days so this was right up my ally. Unfortunately I don't like that with 2 coats you can still see VNL so I would do a 3rd coat for a manicure.

Love's a Beach is an insanely pink shimmer. This would be an awesome pedicure color in the summer. It applied soo easy, and is such a gorgeous color that i'm absolutely in love with it!!!!! I love that fact that you don't really see any VNL with this color :)

I'm With the Lifeguard is a green shimmer. This color really reminds me of the perfect summer color. Its so bright and happy, I couldn't stop staring at it. Downfall again is that I would use a 3rd coat of this as there is some VNL but this color is prefect besides that.

Beach Cruise-r is a purple shimmer. I find it was a bit of a pink undertone which I absolutly love!!!! This was one of the colors that I was most excited to see in person from the previews and it didn't disappoint!!!  

Pink Plumeria is a light pink shimmer. This color reminds me of bubblegum!! Its such a pretty color the photos really don't do it justice. This is probably my favorite color out of the whole group but again id due another coat to get rid of the VNL. But everything else about this color is nothing but pure perfection!!!!

Under the Boardwalk is a purple jelly. There are only 2 jellies in this whole collection. Now i'm not a huge fan on jellies unless i'm gonna do a glitter sandwich with them mostly because of that darn VSN. And in order to get rid of that with a jelly I find you need way to many coats. However I was pleasantly surprised to see that with only 2 coats there isn't much VNL with this particular color which I'm sooo happy about as its really pretty :)

Orange You Hot? is a orange shimmer that has more of a yellow undertone to it. This color is insanely bright, the pictures just didn't capture it. You would need to use a 3rd coat again to get rid of that VNL but its just soo pretty. Would be awesome with a great tan for the summer.

Flirty Tankini is a medium pink/coral shimmer. As you can tell there are quiet a few pinks in this collection but they are all different hues and tones which as awesome!!! A girl can never have enough pinks. This one was a pleasant surprise for me. I love how it has the coral tone to it.

Hang-ten Toes is another pink shimmer. However this is a very cool toned pink that is really bright and prefect for the pink lovers out there. It could use a 3rd coat as per usual for that VNL but its just sooo pretty, and so appropriate for the season. However this is the one color that I found hard to apply it was a bit streaky but evened out with the second coat pretty well.

Ride the Waves is a blue jelly. This is the only other jelly in the collection. This has to be my least favorite color in the collection even thou its blue. I just cant stand how much VNL there still is with the 2 coats. The other jelly had way better coverage. But I do bet that this color would make one wicked glitter sandwich which I may have to try :)

Surfin' for Boys is an electric orange shimmer. Its crazy how warm and bright this color is. The application was sooo nice and its just insanely gorgeous!!! I usually don't like oranges but I am in love with this one!!!

Sun-kissed is a yellow shimmer with a green undertone. This color is the brightest out of the whole collection!!! As you can tell from the photos, which again don't do it justice. You do need a 3rd coat of this one to get rid of that VNL but its soooo pretty!! This will probably be my next pedicure color :)

Overall i'm very happy with this whole collection. I think next time id do 3 coats of every color just to get full coverage adn get rid of that VNL. All of that were really nice to apply besides the one. And they are all a must have for the summer and for anyone that loves a good neon. I especially love that 10 of the 12 have simmer in them which is not common in most neon's!!!

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed my first full collection review and hopefully ill have a chance to do another <3 Thanks for reading!!!!