Sunday, March 4, 2012

Franken time

So today I bought some new glitters and decided to make a new polish. But i cant think of a name of this one, so any suggestions would be appreciated :)

it looks sooo pretty in the bottle, the blitters really stand out in it.

and this is 4 coats on a nail :)


  1. First Star I See Tonight (as a name) - I really love this!

  2. My frankens NEVER turn out this good...Do you just use left over polish and add glitters to it?? I dont have all the "suspension base" and stuff like that needed....I did take some clear polish and added sparkles to it, but it did not turn out good at all...This is a real beauty.....Want mine to turn oput like this, as in, "WOW it actually looks like nail polish"!! LMAO

    1. aww thanks hun, im glad you like it. i dont have suspension base either i use bases from other polishes for it