My Birthday Group

I thought I would dedicate a page to the lovely ladies in my birthday group!! They are all such wonderful and inspiring women adn I thought they deserved a place just for them :) Cant even tell you how lucky I am to have met them all and to have become so close to them.

Here you will find links to there amazing blogs, pictures of swaps from them, birthday gifts when my month comes around, and the polishes that I'm making for them :)

Here are there awesome blogs,
feel free to check them out and show some love <3

Alyssa at Fancy Phalanges
Helly at Nail Newbie
Alyssa C at Mused about you
Tracy and Kathrin dont have blogs but are the other two awesome ladies in my group!!!

Nail mail from them :)

Zoe and I did a swap and she got me Models Own Head Kandi Ibiza Mix, Nails Inc Baker Street, Max Factor Intense Plum, Max Factor Disco Pink and last but not least Max Factor Fantasy Fire!!!! She also had me for a sock swap, arent they adorable!!!!

Tracy and I also did a swap and she got me Model Own Indian Ocean!!! And amazing chocolate that didnt last very long!!

Tracey then  got sneaky and aranged with Alysaa to send me one of my lemmins,
Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker!!!

Tracey was also a doll and sent me some nail foils to try, whcih are absolutly awesome!!!

Zoe and I decided to do another swap she got me Models Own Aqua Violet and Juicy Jules as wekk as sine Gosh nail gltter and yummy candies.

Tracy was a complette doll and helped me get some plates and sent me Depend 313!!!!!

Nini helped me get somthing that was only released in France!!!! OPI Black Spotted!!!!

 The Nail Junkie Polish Collection
The Ashley Polish - A topaz base
The Tracy Polish - A pink base

 The Miagi Cat Polish - A turquoise base

The Kathrin Polish - A orange base

The Nini Polish - A coral base

The Zoe Polish - A red base

The Nicole Polish - A green base

The Alyssa B Polish - A teal base

The Janelle Polish - A deep blue base

The Helen Polish - A blue/purple base

The Alexia Polish - A light blue/grey base

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