Monday, April 2, 2012

Alice in Wonderland and Snow White

Today PAA challenge was Alice in Wonderland.... However last night when I was doing my nails for some reason I thought it was Snow White. So after completing the Snow White hand and realizing this I decided to do one hand Snow White and the other Alice in Wonderland and just tie them into each other. I think it actually worked really well and loved the way it turned out. I actually had a girl that came into my work today take pictures of them :)

I used my OPI Ballet Collection french manicure as the base to both hands :)

First of the Alice in Wonderland. The blue lines are to represent the blue bow in her hair, and the bow its self is on the thumb. Then I decided to do the cherish cat on the ring finger. He turned out more evil looking then what I intended :)

And the Snow White, I used the same bow idea but red instead since that's what she wears, and then decided to do the classic poison apple on the ring finger. I love the way my apple turned out :)

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