Sunday, March 4, 2012

OPI DS Extravagance and Temptation

So tonight I realize its been a while since ive used any of my OPI DS's, so I decided to do DS Extravagance on my nails with an accent nail of DS Temptation.

I completely forgot how much I love DS Extravagance!!!! Its definatly a one coater, ut like I said before I always do two for some reason :P

Mmmm look at that sparkle. I absolutly love anything pink. Im such a girlly girl that way, and the glitter just makes it that much better. But now to spice it up a bit more :)

This is with one coat of the DS Temptation as an accent. Ive never worn this color alone as youd need about 4 coats to make it opaque. One day I may try it or over a purple base so I can have it as a full mani :)

This is definatly a great mani thou to welcome the new work week with :) I also really need to stop slacking and go to my local Cosmo and go through there reduced OPIs and see if they have any DS in them as last time I saw some.


  1. Hi! I noticed that u spoke of going to ur local Cosmo. Are u referring to Cosmo Prof? I went there once & was turned around as soon as I entered bc I don't have a cosmet. License. Do u have one?

  2. I do im a licenced hairstlist, I also work at sally beauty which is there sister company so I can also get in with my employee card :)