Sunday, March 4, 2012

FP Circus Peanuts and Zoya Rica

So ive seen alot of people do this color combination and since Zoya rica happeneds to be one of the two Zoyas I own I figured id try it out and see just how amazing it is!!

Now i wasnt going to buy FP Circus peanuts but I did just for this mani. I found it was a bit thick to apply but 2 careful coats did the trick.

It definatly a very pretty color and I think it would be great for the summer.

Now I layerd 2 coats of Zoya rica, which is an amazing color!!! So sparkly I loveeee it!!

I love how it shines from like yellow to orange to a pinky red. It has to be one of my favorites right now. Also this color applied sooo nice. Could of gotten away with one coat but for some reason I always like to do two :)

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  1. So gorgeous! I need to buy both of these now!