Friday, March 30, 2012

Todays haul and CG Mega bite and GR8 comparison

Today I decided that before work I should go to cosmoprof and look through there reduced polishes and see if there was any good find. Ive been wanting to do this for quite a while now I just haven't and time too. And was I ever glad that I went :) I got so many comments from the works since I was digging through there basket, I guess people usually don't lol. I was almost tempted to dump it out to see everything in it since I'm sure there's still more goodies in there :) *The 2 new ballet ones and the Russian navy and DS Magic were in there new and regular stock*

Oh and best of all I got all of this for only $44.00 :)

OPI Care to danse?, Pirouette my whistle, Warm & Fozzie, and Russian Navy

OPI DS Jewel, DS Magic, China Glaze Mega Bite and GR8

It was a hard choice which to try first and I thought why not do my first comparison post since CG Mega Bite and GR8 look almost identical. So here it is.

Both colors applied really nice and took 2 coats for full coverage. Really the only difference is the GR8 is holographic. Other than that thou they both look identical enough. Of course when I showed the hubby and said like the 2 colors hes said what 2 lol.

Pinkie, middle and thumb is CG GR8, Index and pointer is CG Mega Bite

These two pictures are with flash

These two are under a lamp

It was really hard to capture the holographic in the picture sadly but you can see it a bit better in the ones under the lamp.  Overall thou i'm happy with each color and glad I grabbed both. i'm usually not a gold fan but I do like them :)

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