Friday, March 2, 2012

Gelish on the toes

So today I decided that since I had time to kill id try Gelish on my toes. And what color is better to pick then skittle and to get to try 10 of my Gelish colors!!!!
Okay so to start I used 5 of the 6 Rio Neao collection.

From left to right the colors are : Shake it till you samba, Amazon flirt, Carnaval hangover, Copacabana banana, and Ooba ooba blue.

I did two coats of each color. This is the first time of me using most of the colors i used for this pedi and I love em all. They will be perfect for the summer. Soo nice and bright.

Now since i thought it needed some glitter I used 5 of the 6 Aurora collection as well over top.

 From left to right the colors areL Izzy wizzy lets get bizzy, The great googly-moogly, Ali baba's sim sala bim, Close your fingers and cross your eyes, and Oocha coocha bing bang bam, alakazy alakazam.

I did one coat of there ontop of the corresponding nail.. Must say I love glittery toes so this is fantastic in my eyes. Net time ill be more careful on the tips of the nail as the big top tip looks a bit thin. But for the first time trying my toes im quite happy.

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