Sunday, March 11, 2012

Essence color & go

Yesterday I bought 10 of the essence color and go nail polishes. So i'm going to try and get swatches of them all up this week. Today I did one hand as Where is the party? and the other is Choose me.

Where is the party? is an awesome duo chrome that goes from purple to green. It was a bit streaky to apply but took two even coats for this mani :)

i'm actually surprised how well the duo chrome came out in the pictures. Definitely a nice color and well worth the $1.49 :)

Now Choose me is a must have, it went on perfectly, took two coats, and is amazingly sparkly!!!

the pictures really don't do this one justice!!! Later on I might stamp over top of them or do some form of nail art :) If i do ill post pictures!!

 Hope you awesome ladies have a fantastic Sunday!!


  1. I have Essence Choose Me!, and you're right, the application is flawless and the color is amazing. So tough to capture that sort of thing in a picture.

  2. i know!!!! i took a bazillion pictures of it and these were the best lol