Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Billie swatches

Today I took a trip to Dollar Giant to pick up some more Billies. I was hoping to find some for of their neon's which seem really hard to find, but unfortunately there were none so i bought 6 others :)

From left to right are LT. Mauve, Plutonium Plum, Majestic, Iron Red, Steel Blue and French White

LT. Mauve is a lilac cream, This took 3 coats for the picture and was really thick and streaky but smoothed out on the last coat. This would have to be my least favorite of my Billie polishes for application.

Platonium Plum is an awesome plum metallic shimmer, this color is sooo nice in person. I almost didn't want to take it off to continue swatching. It applied soo nice I almost could have gotten away with 1 coat but used 2 for this manicure.

Majestic is an almost taupe/purple metallic. It was really streaky when applying it and took 2 heavy coats for this manicure. I don't know how often ill use this as i'm not the biggest fan of the color.

Iron Red in a coral red metallic shimmer. It applied really nice in 2 coats with full coverage. Again this color is gorgeous. I really think these metallics might be good for stamping, ill have to try them out :)

Steel blue is a blue metallic shimmer. This color also like the others applied perfectly in 2 coats. This would be an awesome toe color in the summer especially if you through a SF topcoat over top to add some holoness to it :)

French White is a white cream. I had very low expectations for this as whites usually don't apply nice but this one took 2 coats and was full coverage. Applied like a dream. Will definitely be using this as my go to white and for $1.25 how can you beat that?

I'm going to have to go to the Dollar Tree again and see if I can get some more Billies. I definitely love this brand and you cant beat its quality for its price. Definitely a great investment :)

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