Products I use

I figured id make a page about the products I use on my nails as I don't usually include them in the blog posts :) As I change products ill keep this updated. If there's anything else you'd like to know just let me know. Ill also try and take pictures one day so you can see the exact products :)

Nail Hardener : OPI Nail Envy

Base Coat : Orly Bonder

Top Coat : Orly Polished or Seche Vite

Matte Topcoat : China Glaze Matte Magic or OPI Matte Nail Envy for a not so matte look

Glitter Tamer : Gelous

Cuticle Remover : Barielle cuticle minimizer

Cuticle Oil : Super Nail  or Julep Elixir

Cuticle Balm/Butter : Mango Mend or Lush Lemony Flutter

Cuticle Pusher : Metal one from Sally's

Hand Cream : Avojuice, Julep age defying or Mango Vera

Polish Thinner : Beauty Secrets

Acetone: Beauty Secrets

Acetone Clean-up Brush : IBD gel brush

Nail Files : Various grits from Sally's

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