Friday, March 2, 2012

Harmony Gelish

So as many of you may know SAlly beauty started carry Harmony gelish almost a year ago. Since I work there I got the set a while ago to try it out. So since im not feeling well I figured id leave you a post on it.

So the gelish is a fantastic system. Definatly great if you want your nails painted the same way for 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately I change mine every few days so it doesnt work too well on my finger nails. I am going to try it on my toes one day. I do however use this alot on my friends :)

So for this mani I used "Shake it till you samba" on all the fingers and on the thumb and ring finger i used "Izzy wizzy, lets get busy". These are both from there summer collections (which you may still find on reduced at sallys, my store has some just not these two particular colors)

Sorry for the bad photo, this was taken by my phone a while ago.

The shine you get from this stuff is amazing, you just have to be really careful not to hit your skin at all or it will lift and come off wayyy sooner then wanted. I do want to try at some point doing nail are with it to see how long it will last for :)

Anyways when I do use this stuff again ill take a better picture for you guys :)


  1. I know a blogger who uses this,and she paints regular polish over it,removes it,and stamps over it,etc. She changes her polish almost every day.I will get you the link to her blog.

  2. ok so here is the link , it's a link to a post she did specifically about layering other polish over her gelish,also if you browse through her entries,you'll find alot of informative stuff.I really like reading it,as I am kind of interested in trying the gelish mani myself. So here is the link

    Have fun reading!