Saturday, March 10, 2012

Musical Party

My manicure today is inspired by what im doing tonight.

My hubby lovess to sing, so the second saturday of every month we go to karaoke. Since the stamping plate I happened to get last week has musical notes on it I figured it would be fitting to do that to my nails for tonight. As you go down the pictures you'll see where the party fits in :)

For this manicure I started out with  two coats of China Glaze White on white

I cant remember the last time my nails were painted white, and surprising I love it. Its sooo clean. I really love CG White on white. Its by far my favorite white. It goes on in two even coats no problem No streaks or antyhing.

Now to see where the party comes from :)

This is one coat of Pretty and Polishes Party on my yacht!!!! Its stunning!!!!! You could get away with doing 3 coats of this without using a white base underneath but I didnt want to use up all of my mini thats why I layered it. The glitter came out sooo easy and even. Im definatly gonna have to invest in the larger bottle of this :)

Now I used my MLS - 05 plate to stamp on the musical notes with Konad black polish.

Not bad for my second attempt stamping. Some didnt go completely to the sides of the nails but overall im happy with it.  And of course my hubby loved that I did nails for him for once ;)


  1. This is awesome! Would love to have that plate. Where did you get it?

  2. I was just going to ask what plate you used. Love this design!

  3. thanks ladies

    is where I bought mine from :)