Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello lovelies!!!! Since I had such a craptacular weekend being sick I decided I needed to paint both my finger nails and my toe nails my favorite color!!!! But good news is is that my voice is slowly coming back, hopefully it'll be good enough to go to work tomorrow. Now I cant even tell you how much I love Nails Inc Baker Street <3 Its just the best cream blue polish ever!!!! Two coats and its perfect. Theres nothing I dont love about it!!!!!

Okay now that you know my love for this polish ill show it to you, dont worry no feet pics :)

Dont you just love that color??? Its such an electric blue, you just cant help but stare at it. Now as beautiful as this color in on its own I wanted a bit of art on my nails and thought my Smurf water decals would be perfect for this. Now next time ill probably choose a lighter shade of blue as the water decals just have a black outline so it's hard to see sometimes but I still think its adorable!!!

What do you guys think?? I wish the smurfs were colored in, maybe with a white so that they would stand out a bit more but overall im happy with it.

Now I have a special picture for you guys of who kept me company all weekend long while i've felt like crap :)

My fur baby Merf!!!! Isnt he adorable!!!!! If I was on my computer he was laying on my hubbys computer chair and if I was on the couch he'd be on my lap. He definatly kept me company <3

Anywho I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!!! <3


  1. Baker Street is my current obsession. Love it! Adorable stamping. :)