Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CG I Herd That over Kalahari Kiss

As you guys saw on my post yesterday I picked up to of the new China glaze Safari Colors, I Herd That and Kalahari Kiss. I figured these would look gorgeous together and man was I ever right. I was staring at my nails all day today.

Kalahari Kiss is a pale camel cream that applies really nice. Took two even coats for full coverage.

I then did one layer of I Herd That which is a glitter that has gold, copper, and tan glitter in it. It applies really nice with even glitter coverage. This color is sooo amazing!!!!

I love how this is high impact glitter but a pretty neutral color. Would be a great combo for New Years or a special occasion where you want some glamour but nothing crazy.

Now today I also recieved my first Julep Mystery box and I was sooo underwhelmed by it. I got a nail file, Emma & Gayle polishes, Julep Elixir,  Glycolic Scrub and the Hand Brightening cream. Those colors are soo not me.

I may give the mystery box one more try next time to see if it gets any better but right now I definatly prefer the boxes where you get to see what your getting.

Anyways I hope you all had a great day :)


  1. from what i have seen from other bloggers, your mystery box seems to be one of the better ones, granted those colors look pretty gross, the other items are pretty good!

    1. yea its the polishes i dont like lol