Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nail mail and weekend manicure

I hope you all had a great weekend, on Friday after I worked and did hair I didnt have time to do a post before going up to my parents trailer to spend some time with my dad for father day. Got to go out fishing with him a few times and it was fantastic to just relax :)

On Friday when I got home from work I was greeted with 3 lots of nail mail!!!! I was soo glad to welcome a weekend starting off that way he he. It started off with a package I didnt expected to get for a couple of weeks from a lovely lady in France that got me OPI Black Spotted!!!!!

I then got a package from a close friend in Sweden who sent me 4 plates and my first Depend Polish number 513, which is absolutely stunning!!!!

And lastly I got my order from Nail Polish Canada which was Color Club Revvvolution, Wild at Heart, Fashion Addict, and Turn the Other Chic!!

The manicure I did for the weekend was done using my new Tokidoki Stellina, China Glaze Loves a Beach and my Tokidoki  nail decals. I thought this was such a cut manicure, and loved the one glitter accent nail :)

Stay tuned to tomorrow and ill have a manicure with my new OPI Black Spotted that im doing tonight on top of 5 different colors!!!!!


  1. It's always great to start a weekend with nail mail! Glad you loved the plates and the polish, 313 is my favorite Depend ever!

  2. Nail mail, yay. And Spotted. Jealous.