Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Revlon Over The Moon Duo

Today while I was out grocery shopping and such I decided to treat myself to a few new polishes. I finally got the last to Essence color & go colors I was missing which were Glamorous Life and Ultimate Pink, and a Revlon FrenchMix duo in Over the moon.

I decided that since I haven't done a tape mani in a while id use the Revlon duo and have some fun with lines going in different directions. I really like the way this looks and think it would be really sharp in black and white as a pin stripe kind of look.

So I started out with 3 coats of the pink, if I were to wear this color alone I would use 4 cats to make it really opaque. It is a gorgeous baby pink thou with an iridescent blue glitter throughout it.

I then laid down all the tape and did a fairly think coat of the metallic turquoise over top. Next time ill make sure I let the second color dry a bit more before apply topcoat as on my left hand I got a bit of streaking.

I really do like these Revlon duos, and for $9.99 CDN, I think there a pretty good deal.
 I may need to get one of the bright ones :)

And now if I didnt love this mani enough before I just added one coat of Models Own Indian Ocean over top or if and I cant stop staring at it!!!!