Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ASBMF: News paper nails

I know its been a really long time since Ive done an April Showers Bring May Flowers post and that's because this manicure kicked my butt!!!! This was my second time trying it, the first was sooo bad I would even use it for the challenge, so today I made sure to have some patience and tried again.

The first time I tried this I did the soak the paper in vodka adn press it onto my nails. It was sooo faint and smudgy that way. This time i used a cotton pad soaked in alcohol, placed the news paper on it and then dipped my finger into the alcohol and wrap the pad around my finger. I got a much better result this way but I also got alot of ink on my skin which was hard to remove. I also used white as a base the first time I did this and this time I used OPI Care to danse?. I am wayyy happier with this manicure. And I do believe with practice ill get better.

I started with my right hand which is the first photo and you can see it got better as I got to my left hand :)

Have you guys ever done this manicure and if so have any tips?? I really want to try this with an Archie comic book again. Tried it once and got nothing to transfer lol.

Stay turned for my last ASBMF challenge in the next few days!!!!

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