Thursday, June 14, 2012

Revlon Grape Franken

I was snooping on the Spectraflair face book page the other day and saw a franken that Lori did with SF and Revlon Grape. Since it looked totally awesome I had to try it out. I filled about 2/3 of empty Seche Vite bottle with the Revlon Grape, then added 3 good scopes of SF-14 and then topped it up with clear and shock it like crazy, after adding in some silver balls. And this is what was created :)

I loved the way this turned out the holo was insane in the sun!!!! And I speak past tense there as I wore this today and already changed my manicure for tomorrow but ill post that tomorrow as im going away for the weekend again :)

Also thought id show you what I bought from Sephora today!1 I used these for my current manicure :)

I got a set of Tokidoki nail decals and one of there polishes called Stellina,
which is a pink and purple glitter!!! I also took another picture of my hair as promised, this was after putting hot rollers in it.

I'm loving the way the colors blend into each other, definatly gonna keep this for awhile :)

Hope you all have a great Friday <3