Friday, June 1, 2012

Butteryfly stamping

I know I said I was going away today but I got sent home from work sick today since I have like no voice and kept coughing, so I figured it was best not to go up to a trailer when its raining and cold and im sick :( Really sucks thou since I really wanted to go fishing but hopefully ill feel better for tomorrows trip down town.

Ohhh also I added labels to all my blog posts to make it easier to narrow things down for you guys :)

So since I stayed home I decided my nails needed something extra to cheer me up so I stamped over top of my neon's with the DRK-A plate and Konad white.

It was a hard decision on which image to use but I thought the butterfly's fit nicely with the bright colors, and I thought white would be softer looking then black. I cant even tell you how much im loving stamping. Its just so quick and easy. I cant wait till I get as good as some people Ive seen doing double stamps with full nails and small images on top. One day ill get there.

Any who I hope you all have a great weekend and that you guys get better weather then the rain that they are calling for here :)