Monday, June 18, 2012

OPI Black Spotted

Today I have for you guys OPI Black Spotted!!! In case anyone doesn't know what it is, it a polish that OPI released only in France as part of there OPI Spider man collection. It replaced there shatter in it.
I was sooo excited to get a chance to get one of these babies. It did cost $28 cdn with shipping but is totally worth it.

I was a bit impatient with letting my manicure fully dry that's why there are a few cracks in it, but I don't mind them. The bottom colors from pink to thumb are all the following China Glazes : I'm with the lifeguard, Spontaneous, Sun-kissed, Flip flop fantasy, and Turned up turquoise.

I love the way this looks!!! I went over each nail a few times to get the more smaller circles and love it. Definitely worth every penny an soooo glad I was able to get this!!!

Now for the polishes I got today :). And work today the new China Glaze Safari collection came in!!! There are a bunch of pretty polishes in this collection bought I only bought 2 for now, Kalahari kiss and I herd that.

I also came home to some awesome nail mail from Elemental Styles. If you've never tried her polishes before definatly check her out on etsy shes awesome. I choose to get 2 minis the last time she restocked :)

Now to go paint my nails for tomorrows post, hope you all had a great Monday <3


  1. I love the black spotted! It's so unique! Hopefully it becomes readily available in the US. I can't afford it any way else!

  2. So jealous you found Spotted. I asked one of my sales reps from France if she could grab one for me so lets keep our fingers crossed. Lol looks great.

  3. Your site has the same problem as MadManis. Check her declaration and sort out the problem please. Because every 5 seconds I get a malicious content warning from this site. I like this site and want to enjoy it.

  4. Oh, I hope the spotted comes to Canada. Wanty. :)

  5. I'd love the spotted one, I'm from the UK so I'd be interested to see if I could get it some how xx

    1. I'm doing a CP for it in France if you want ;)

  6. I love the Black Spotted! That looks so cool!!