Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well im officially on vacation till next Tuesday so I decided that my first manicure would be purple using 2 of my new hits! I love purple polish and definatly don't own enough of these. Its my goal to find a neon purple cream, so if you know of one let me know :)

For this manicure I used Hits Dionisio and Hestia, both took two coats and both applied really well. I'm so impressed with Brazil polishes. Every one Ive tried so far has been amazing!!!!

In case you don't know these colors Dionisio is the dark purple and Hestia is the light purple. I love the way these two look together. But I must say I do prefer Dionisio.

Now to share a picture of my adorable cat Merf all stretched out by my computer he he.

Isn't he adorable???!!!! I love my kitty he he.

Well dolls I do hope I can get a bunch of manicure done this week, got a few exciting plans like fishing, the beach, and visiting the family but ill also be around here <3

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  1. Aww, Merf is adorable! I've got one that stretches out on his back like that too. :)