Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pretty and Polished Sand Art

Hey all hope your all having a great weekend!!! Last night I went and saw the new Batman, and it was fantastic!!!!! Definitely a must see for anyone that likes the batman movies, and tonight im going to a comedy show for the hubby's birthday :).

Now as for the nails today I have a manicure for you that I took off right after doing it. I sadly didn't like it. I decided to layer Sand Art over white, and with one coat of Sand Art I felt it looked weird, with 2 coats it looked better but I still wasn't in love. I think next time im going to try and layer it over a pink, green or blue. I feel that would look better on me. But I figured id show you all swatches of it anyways :)

What do you guys think of it??? Ill definatly give it another chance before I make my final decision on it. Tomorrow morning ill post a pic of the mani im wearing tonight, all ill say is its very orange as its my hubby's favorite color :)

Hope you all have a great Saturday <3


  1. I saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. I LOVED it! Your nails look great, I really like Sand Art


    1. it was an amazing movie!!!! thanks the more i look at the pic the more it grows on me hehe