Friday, July 13, 2012

Holo Cheetah Print

I decided this morning that I needed a new manicure for the weekend and that you guys deserved another post before I go away for the weekend. Now if your going to be out on the boat all weekend in the sun what kind of polish do you need?? Holo goodness of course!!!!! So I decided to do a light silver holo base, stamp it with black and fill in the cheetah print with other holos!!!!

This manicure came out even better than I imagined. I am in love with it, soo cant wait to get a pciture of it in the sun this weekend and when I do ill add it to this post when I return.

I started out with 2 coats of Jade Psicodelica. Its an amazing silver holo. All the jades apply like a dream. And the holo in them is absolutly insane!!!!

Mmmm look how awesome that is!!!! I then used my Konad Black stamping polish and the DRK-A plate to add on the cheetah print. I tried both the black and stamping with a holo black but surprisingly prefer the solid cream black best.

After that I used the following polishes to fill in the cheetah print using a dotting tool.
Jade Vermelho Surreal, Fascinio Violeta, Delirio Rosa, Hypnose, and Energy as well as Hits Esmalte. I was going for a rainbow of holos :) And I think I did just that.

I'm so glad I re did my nails today, this is one manicure I wont mind looking at for a few days!!. What do you guys think?? Love all the holo??

Well dolls I wont be back again will sunday night so have a fantastic weekend!!!

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