Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Julep O'Canada

Hey lovelies, hope you all are having a great week already. Yesterday and today I got some fantastic nail mail!!! Yesterday I came home to my Julep box and a swap and then today I got my W7 polishes that I bought!!!! Also I quickly just wanted to let you all know I created a facebook page for my blog, so go on over and like it if you'd like to be in touch with me ever more <3

First off is my lovley swap from a girl in my birthday group, she got my my first Nubars - Treasure and Brillaint!!!! They are sooo pretty and cant wait to try these babies out!!!

For my Julep box this month I choose It Girl (Mila, Kate, and Daphne), I got O' Canada for free since im Canadian and I added on America and Chelsea.

And I got 5 of the W7 Metallic Planets collection - Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Ill post a manicure of these tomorrow so stay tuned <3

Now for today mani I decided to try out Juleps O'Canada over Orly Skinny Dip. In love the colors in O'Canada but it was sooo thick. The only good thing was that I didnt have to fish for the red glitter but it was a big gloppy mess to apply. However I do love the end color combo.

I really wish I had this polish for Canada day, I soooo would have rocked it :) But there is always next year ;). Now I dont know if you guys remember about a week ago when I dyed my hair? Well I fianly have a picture for you all!!! It doesnt do the base color complete justice but it shows you whtat color it is :)

It is more purple in person, but I am in love with this color. Ill defiantly be rocking it for a while :)

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