Monday, July 2, 2012

LDOS: Summer Ombre

I finally have another Lazy Days of Summer challenge post for you all today, and its my summer ombre. But before I get to that just wanted to let you all know I went through all your guys comments again today adn replied to you all. I love reading them all, they always make me smile :).  I'm also hoping that all my fellow Canadians are enjoying there holiday today like I am :) Just taking it easy and doing stuff around the house he he.

Now onto the nails. For my summer ombre I decided to use all pink holos, as i figured the holo would make them really summery :) And I must say that after doing this manicure I need more pink holos, my pinky color just doesn't fit well enough and I had no others to use :(

The colors I used are the following:
Thumb - Jade Delirio Rosa
Pointer - Hits Afrodite
Middle - Jade Seducao Rosa
Ring - Jade Deja Vu
Pinkie - OPI DS Extravagance

As you can tell im loving my Jades right now, they are just sooo awesome I just cant stop using them and staring at them. I know the DS extravagance isn't the best fit for these colors but I think it works and does it job he he and its a gorgeous color which is a plus :)

I then decided to add some stamping to it, I choose a full nail design from the DRK-A Plate that I haven't used yet and used Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep to stamp with.

I love the way the silver looks with the pink holos. The top two pictures are taken in the sunlight coming through my window with no flash, and the bottom two are with flash in artificial light.

Now if you want to see more awesome summer head on over to visit the other lovely ladies who are participating in this challenge!!!

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