Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hits Phenomena collection

Hey dolls, hope you all have been having a good week!!! Mine was long but now I have a long weekend to celebrate my hubby's birthday. So I may not be around much :( but do check out my facebook page as I may post some updates on there and some quick pics he he.

Today I bought my very first Essie polish. That's right my first one, and of course its one of there new Mirror Metallics so I can use it for stamping <3 I picked up Good as gold. Cant wait to try that baby out. And I also came home to Pretty and Polished Sand Art that I purchased off of Llarowe when she first launched P & P. Its abasolutly beautiful, defiantly going to have to try it out tomorrow!!!

You dont even know how excited I am for Sand Art!!! Now to deicde what to layer it over tomorrow, white, blue or black??? Hmmm the posibilites hehe.

So as promised yesturday today I ahve the Hits Phenomena collection. I started out with 2 caots of Orly Liquid Vinyl and then did 2 coats of each of the Hits Phenomena Colors. On my left have I used Borealis on my ring and middle finger and Moonbow on my thumb, pointer and pinkie. And on my right hand I used Air Glow on my ring and middle and Afterglow on my thumb, pointer and pinkie.

Moonbow is by far my favorite in this collection. It goes from an awesome teal to a vibrant purple. Its absolutly stunning. But all these colors are amazing!!! Im so glad I got these in a swap as they normally arent somthing id purchase but im truely in love with them!!!!

I hope you all have a great night!!!