Monday, July 9, 2012

Depends 313 and Blog Sale News!!!

Tonight I have a very cute polish to show you all. One of my lovely birthday group ladies from Sweden got this polish for me and I'm in love. Its Depend 313, incase you don't know depend they are minis in a little rectangle bottle that are sooo cute. This is my first one and im madly in love with it that I already asked for a backup of it he he.

Depend 313 goes on perfectly in 2 coats. Its a purple base with a fine green micro shimmer. Its a real stunner of a color.

Isn't the bottle adorable???? And of course the color is just stunning. Now I thought how would Cult Nails Seduction look over top of this. And to my pleasant surprise its absolutly amazing!!! Its like the 2 colors were meant for each other. So I added one coat of it onto my ring fingers.

I absolutly love how you can still see the green shimmer through Seduction. How well these two go together is the reason why im getting a back up bottle of Depend 313. Its just crazy how well they go together.

Now that Ive confessed my new love for Depend 313, I thought I would tell you guys about my first blog sale!!!!

That is a picture of all my lovelies that im selling, only the crackles are missing from this picture. That's what 100 bottles of polish looks like lol.

So im aiming to mostly sell these polishes but I will swap them for items on my wish list. I do have all the full details and a link to the sale which is on my goggle docs stash list that (all sale items are marked with an X) and my wish list up above. Please go check it out and let me know if you have any questions. <3

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  1. Is it bad that 100 bottles doesn't look like very many to me...? Probably really bad lol