Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jade Skittle Mani :)

I hope you all have been having a fantastic weekend!!! I appologize for being MIA the past few days, spend some time with the family and then was away for a night and then relaxing with the hubby a bit!!! But now im back and got some posts for you guys :)

So on Friday I got the most anticipated nail mail, my swap from Brazil!!!!! I arranged one with a lovely lady who absolutly spoiled me!!!!

She got my amazing flip flops, make-up, bath soaps, a kitty, coin person and awesome polishes!!!!!
The polishes she sent me are the following.
Jade: Delirio rosa, Deja vu, Energy x2, Fascinio violeta, Hypnose, Magia negra x2, Mystic gold, Psicodelica, Seducao rosa, and Vermeltho surreal
Hits No Olimpo: Afrodite, Demeter, Dionisio, and Hestia
Hits Phenomena: Afterglow, Air glow, Borealis, and Moonbow
Hits Mari Moon: Chameleon, Daring, and Unconventional

I cant wait for her to receive my packages and then hopefully one day ill be able to arrange another awesome swap with her.

Now since there were so many polishes to choose from I decided to use all the new jades and do a big skittle manicure :)

 Left side thumb to pinky:
Delirio Roas
Magia Negra
Vermelho Surreal

Right side thumb to pinky:
Fascinio Violeta
Seducao Rosa
Deja Vu
Mystic Gold

Aren't they gorgeous!!!!! They are even better in real life. This is 2 coats of them all, they all applied like a dream and the holo in them is completely insane!!!!!

Hope you all have a Happy Canada's Day!!!!!