Friday, April 6, 2012

April showers bring may flowers challenge : Spring Pastels

Today I'm starting a new challenge that you can do at your own pace. It has 14 different themes, all relating to spring of course, that you can do when you have time but in the right order. She has a face book group created that you can join to participate in and post the photos/blog post with others to share :)
Hannah from Polished Prisms created this challenge and you can see a list of the themes and her blog post about it here.
I'm really excited about this challenge as I cant always do the ones where you have to complete them on certain days. I don't usually have enough time to do them all or spend as much time on them as id like. So at least with this I can do it when I have the free time to dedicate towards it.
So for today's Spring Pastels I decided to do a skittle manicure as a base for tomorrows Easter eggs :).
I surprisingly own a ton of pastels so it was hard to decided on which colors to use.

I decided to go with Finger Paints Aren't you glad-iolous?, OPI Banana  bandanna, China Glaze, Aquadelic, Orly Cotton candy, and Sally Girl # 812165. I then applied a coat of my SF 35 top coat over each finger to give it some shimmer :)

I love the color combo of this and cant wait to turn this into Easter eggs tomorrow :)

Now if you want to see more amazing manicure from these challenge, head on over to the other lovely ladies blogs :)

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  1. Oooo! Such pretty colors!
    I love a good themed challenge. Do you have a link to the FB page?

  2.!/groups/321349634595494/ is it :)

  3. Pretty colors! I especially like the blue <3
    Thanks for the facebook link too. ;)

  4. Love your pastels. They scream Spring! I'm participating also!

  5. LOve the pastel colours beautiful!