Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nail haul and easter nails :)

Today was a very busy day for me. Went into town to get some polishes and lotions for some ladies in my birthday group, cat food *gotta feed the little kitty* and to stop by Michael's and look into the flocking powder and micro beads. I definitely think this is my biggest haul yet :)

I think the ladies at Cosmoprof thought I was crazy when I had to buy a whole display of the OPI New York ballet collection because they were out of one of the single colors.

But aren't they gorgeous!!! I own 2 of these and after having all these in my hands for a few minutes to look at in the bottles I may need the middle one in the top picture! These are already packaged for the 2 lovelies who asked for them :)

I also picked up a 6 pack of mini Avojuice lotions for a dear friend of mine. I love the way Avojuice lotion smells, its like heaven!!! And the bottles are just sooo cute and great for your purse.

And then I figured I needed to buy something for myself so on came the Flocking powder in Party Pink and Emerald and Micro beads in Passion.

So cant wait to try this stuff out, hopefully one day this week ill have time to.

Now onto the eater manicure. I wanted Easter eggs on my nails but I wanted each hand to be different so on the left hand I did traditional Easter eggs with different colored lines and dots and on the right hand I just did one dots for a more classic look. I used stripe rites and dotting tools to create the looks :)

I definatly like the way this turned out. They are different but still tie together because of the background colors being the same. Definitely very fitting for Easter.

But I would like to take a second to wish you all a very Happy Easter, Hope you all get lots of chocolate tomorrow and enjoy time with your families <3

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