Monday, April 23, 2012

Haul and new stamping plate!!!!

Today at my work we got a whole whack of new colors and collections in, I was in polish heaven!!! We got Orly Feel the vibe, dark shadows, and there new core colors. Finger Paints Summer in the city, and China Glaze Glitter crackles.

I figured id buy some of the Orly's today since Ive been lemming after there neon's for quiet awhile now!!! Here are some bottle shots and swatches for ya :)

After party, Beach cruiser, Glow stick, Melt your Popsicle, Bubbly bombshell, and Buried alive

I am in love with the 4 from the Feel your vibe collection, they are soooo bright and the picture doesn't do the shimmer in the black any justice. Also the Buried alive is an awesome color, ill try and do a manicure with it soon :)

Now as you all know Konad Q1 plate is a very popular one but hard to get, so I got the dupe MLS 301.

Isn't it pretty!!!! I couldn't wait to use it so they manicure I did after this has the ripped animal print stamped on it. The plate worked perfectly!!!!

Now stay tuned for my next post which will be done right now using 2 of the new Orly's and this plate!!!


  1. I am wearing Buried Alive now and love it! I think the first coat went on wonky, but a nice thick second coat really evened it out. It's a gorgeous color.

    1. i cant wait to try it, almost wore it today but decided on after party