Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PCFC: Recreate a manicure

Tomorrow PCFC is to recreate one of the members manicures that they've created. I choose Helen from my birthday group who came up with the cutest thing ever!!!! You can check out Helen's original post over at her blog Nail Newbie!!

Her manicure was flip flops with painted toe nails, how awesome is that? I thought it was so creative and adorable that I had to use it.

So here my attempt at it :) I wish I had a better nude polish, i'm definatly going to have to look into one that matches my skin tone.

Overall i'm happy with how I recreated her manicure, I wish I could of done her same colors but I don't have Stripe Rites in them. And I used a dotting tool to do the toes but using the same Stripe Rite colors :)