Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scented Denim and Hair color :)

Well today was an interesting day. I started out at 9 am stubbing my baby toe on my wooden table leg. Around 1 when the pain was still there and I realized my toe was now bruising I decided to go get it looked at. Had some xrays done to it after 3 hours at the hospital to find out that I fractured him :(. First thing I thought of was thank god I painted my toe nails last night lol.

Now last night I didn't get a post done because I was busy dying my hair and doing my toe nails lol. My work got the new Ion Semi-permanent Brights in and I was dying to try them. I used Fuchsia, Purple and Sky blue in my hair and i'm in love with it. Mind you I had to bleach my hair twice before hand to get the color this vibrant :)

I love how the colors just blend together and how its just all in one spot :)

Now that you guys have seen my other passion on to the polish :) Today I have to untried that I just purchased yesterday. I bought Revlon Not so Blueberry and Maybelline Denim Dash.

Revlon Not So Blueberry is a gorgeous grey/purple shimmer that smells like blueberries obviously lol. I used 3 coats for the picture as it was a bit sheer but applied really nice. The scent is amazing and I love this color!!! I think it would look great with some polka dots on it :)

Maybelline Denim Dash is from there new Color Show collection. Its a blue shimmer that has a hint of silver through it. Its formula is fantastic and only took 2 coats to get it completely opaque. This was my first Maybelline polish and ill definatly try more after how awesome this one is :)

Now some exciting news!!!! I'm getting the whole China Glaze Neon's collection tomorrow so ill try and swatch them all for you guys soon <3

But if you guys want to see more awesome untried polishes head on over to some other lovely ladies in my birthday group!!!

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  1. Oooo! I love your hair color! What brand do you use?

    1. these are the new Ion semi permenant brights. you can only purchase them at Sally Beauty :) and thank you

  2. Loved your hair!!!! The nails are good colors too! LOL! I just tried Maybelline Denim in Styled Out. (Loved it!) Hope your toe is feeling better soon!

    1. thank you and its starting to I can walk now but hurts if I touch it lol, and ooo I want to try more of them hehe