Friday, May 25, 2012

Ice cream and Candy

As you guys saw in my last post its one of my nephews birthdays this weekend, so I decided to do a "birthday" themed manicure. I finally got to use the ice cream adn cupcake stamp on my MLS301 plate. Ive been wanting to use it for a while and figured this one the perfect time to.

I started out with 4 coats of Orly Glow Stick, a neon yellow cream from Orly's new Feel The Vibe collection. I love this color so much, its so ridiculously bright but it does take quiet a few coat to get opaque, if you layered it over white you'd get to use less. I then stamped over it with Konad blue polish since its for a boys birthday but I then decided to add a few pink polka dots with Orly Beach Cruiser also from the Feel The Vibe collection.

I love the way this turned out its so bright and cheerful, definatly perfect for a 7 year olds birthday.

Now I have to show you a picture of his cake, im sooo happy with it!!! He mentioned to my dad that he wanted a baseball cake he has no idea that I made him one :)

I cant wait to see my niece and nephews tomorrow, sadly my brother has them the weekends I work so I don't get to see them as often as id like but I make the most out of the time when I do therefore you guys wont hear from me again until sunday. So i hope you all have a great weekend.

Also I hit 100 followers today!!! So next week lookout for a giveaway!!! Thank you all again for being so dedicated, I read each and every comment even thou I don't reply right away. However I have caught up on those finally he he. Thanks again thou I greatly appreciate all of your guys support <3!!!