Saturday, May 5, 2012

My first Nail-Ventorous polishes :)

Yesterday I got some much anticipated nail mail!!! My 2 Nail Venturous polishes I was able to snag a few weeks ago out of pure luck!!!! I was sooo excited to get them I couldn't wait for them to arrive. I love glitter, even thou removal sucks no matter how you do it lol. The 2 I was lucky to get where Burst of Blue and Sunny Floam. Please excuse any stains on my hands, I was dying hair yesterday :)

Lets start with Burst of Blue. Its a clear base jammed pack full of blue and black matte micro glitter, white and black hex and bar glitter. Its absolutely stunning, especially if your a blue fan like I seem to be lately. The application was flawless. Didn't have to dig around for the glitter. I did use 4 coats for this picture to make it super opaque.

Isn't that just absolutely beautiful?? I don't think anything could make it better!!! I had so many compliments on my nails today wearing these two colors it was insane!!
Now Sunny Floam is a neon yellow and blue matte micro glitter. I have Floam on its way to me once I get it Ill do a comparison of these two :) The application for this one was flawless as well, and I also used 4 coats.
I love how electric this color is. Its sooo bring that it actual captures in the photos for once. I cant wait to do a pedicure with this for the summer :)
Now I thought id share with you guys the cake I made for one of my best friends for her birthday. I'm soo proud of it. She asked for an outdoors cake and wanted it to be carrot flavored. I did a cream cheese icing on it. All is home made :)
Baking is a passion of mine, I love making people cake adn cupcakes for there birthday :)
One day ill have to make a nail polish themed cake he he. Now sadly I probably wont have time to post again till Sunday night as I have her birthday tomorrow and then going to see the Mother-in-law on Sunday so I hope you all have a fantastic weekend <3


  1. OMGosh I am in love with this gorgeous blue!!! I have been chomping at the bit for months to get floam and now I want Burst of Blue as well!!! btw I'm so jealous you have both!!!!!! lol =P