Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hits Glitter Forte swatches

I received one of my most anticipated nail mails this week!!! It was my first order from Llarowe which was 4 of the Hits Glitter Forte polishes!!! These are also the first Hits that I own, which I decided to buy as a treat for myself back when I got my income tax return :)

I absolutely love to wear glitter even though removing it sucks no matter how you go about it so when I saw these were on her sale page I just couldn't help but buy a few to try. I used 2 coats for all of these with no top coat and taken with a flash in artificial light

First off is number 611- Indie, which is a bright green glitter. This color reminds me of the tropic because of its yellow undertone. I think this would make a killer french tip :)

Number 368 - New Wave, is a red glitter with an orange undertone. I think you would get away with this color any time of the year, not just around christmas. Its definatly a must if you like glitter and red polishes.

Number 367 - Rockabilly, is a bright pink glitter. This has to be my favorite one out of these four. Its so pretty and feminine!!! And of course the fact that its pure glitter makes it that much better!!! This will definatly be used as a full mani or pedi soon.

Number 612 - Britpop, is a light blue glitter. This color reminds me of the ocean or rain. Its an absolutly gorgeous color and would look great on almost any skin tone!!

Overall I love all the colors, they are all jammed packed with glitter and apply really nice.

Have you guys ever tried these? I cant wait to try some of the Hits holos or duo-chromes!!! They will be mine one day and I can just imagine that they will be truly awesome!!!

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