Friday, May 18, 2012

Martini Manicure

I am so sorry for being so absent lately, not only has the game Ive been waiting for for like 7 years finally come out, Diablo 3. But I also have to work my 2 days off this week so Ive been extremely busy. I feel so bad and miss posting for you guys. But hopefully this weekend will be better as im off sunday and Monday :) Also Monday I should have some pictures of some polishes Ive been working on for my lovely birthday group, finally got my SF and some other stuff Ive been waiting on. Also some more exciting news im doing my first Brazil swap and im getting the new Jade holographic polishes and a few other so cant wait to get those and show you guys<3

Now onto the nails. If any of you guys have China Glaze likes on facebook youd know that they came up with a "Martini Manicure", the whole point of this is that the 3 fingers your hold a martini glass are differnt then the other 7. These fingers are tipically your middle, pointer and thumb on your right hand. They also came up with a list of differnt drink inspired combos from there polishes and are having a contest that ends today to win a whole set of the China Glaze neons. Even thou I already own them I entered anyways as it is open internationaly.

Here is there manicure menu.

My oringal manicure I choose to do was the Pina Colada which is Sun worshiper on 7 nails and Electirc Pineapple on the other 3. I do love this color combination!!! I used 5 coats for Sun Worshiper as its really sheer and wanted it really opaque, Electric Pineapple only took 3.

So since before I got to write this blog post this manicure got ruined at work from having to clean up a broken polish I did another one :)

I decided to do Singapore sling as well since when deciding on the first manicure I realized that some how I didnt own Pink Voltage!!! How the hell did this ever happen, I was so shocked when I raelized it. So I obviously bought it adn did this one. Shocking pink took 3 coats, and Make some noise only took 2.

Now in order to enter the contest your picture also has to include there manicure menu so this is what my picture ended up looking like :)

I love the way this turned out, and love the idea of this. Will you try a "Martini Manicure" or will you be inspired to try adn create your own drink combo?

Thanks for reading <3


  1. Great shades! I saw this on Facebook but sadly didn't have any of the right combinations of polish.

    I've nominated your for the Versatile Blogger Award - you can check out the directions and other nominees here:

    1. try making one with your own colors :) and thanks doll ive already done it thou but I appreciate being nominated again <3