Thursday, May 24, 2012

Orly Burried Alive

I feel soooo bad that Ive been sooooo MIA these past few days and this weekend is gonna be just as bad.. :( ... Ive been working a crazy amount and there has been sooo many birthday lately that Ive been baking and working and playing diablo...... lol!!! Today is no different day off and im baking a cake for my oldest nephews 7th birthday this weekend hehe. He asked for a baseball themed cake so ill post a picture once its done. I also think im like the greatest aunt in the world right now for buying him an awesome remote control boat for this birthday ha ha. So this weekend you wont here anything from from from Saturday morning till sunday afternoon as I have to work Saturday then drive 1.5 hours to see him spend the night and drive back to work in the morning, but hes sooo worth it <3!!!

Okay so enough rambling on about my life just wanted to keep you guys updated <3

Okay so yesturday the enw Orly Glam FX polishes came into my work, I was so busy that I forgot to buy the 2 I want lol. So friday I will be getting the pink and the green and will try and get swatches up as soon as possible.

Last night I re organized my stash, my 2 drawers of China Glaze were pretty much full so I decided it was time to sort it by color, ill post some pics in a few days once I re name the drawers and such. White doing this thou I came acros Orly Buried Alive that I forgot I havnt worn yet. 

Orly Buried Alive reminds me of a combination of chocolate and root beer, mmmmm!!! Lol!! Its a brown with copper/gold shimmer in it. I used 2 coats for this sadly thou this polish was really think and sucked to apply. I really dont like this color on me, it will be getting changed after im done baking and taking my grandmother out shopping :)

What do you guys think??? I am glad I bought it thou as it the only Dark Shadows polish I own hehe.

Now ive been stuck at 98 followers for over a week now once I do hit 100 I will do a giveaway, the question is would you prefer 2 of the new Orly Glam FX or 3 of the new China Glaze Neons???


  1. You're the second blogger I've read this morning who's neglecting her nails for Diablo. lol. ;)

    Dark Shadows!!!! I wish this collection got more love, the colors are so cool. And I can't wait to see the movie. DH and I have been watching the old soap shows right before bed. SO freaking funny.

  2. I love this polish, it's so pretty!! My vote is got the Glam FX, as well :)