Sunday, May 27, 2012

Omg its Floam!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!! I know I did, I love getting to see my niece and nephews!!!! My nephew who's birthday it was had a blast and was soo happy I made it, it was so worth all the driving to see the smile on his little face!!!!

Now a deal friend of mine helped me squish one of my biggest lemming, Nail-Venturous Floam!!!!!! I cant even thank her enough its soo awesome. Of course I had to try it as soon as I got home he he. You can buy Floam from either Ninja Polish or Nail-Venturous Etsy shop when there in stock, which isn't very often. Its the most amazing yellow and blue matte glitter ever!!!! The blue is a bit more prominent which  love!!! I used 2 coats for this manicure :)

Ahhhh isn't it just amazing!!!!! I am totally in love, like cant even explain how much in love!!! I totally see and understand all the hype about it, it deserves every little bit about it.

Now as I mentioned a few posts ago I will be holding a 100 follower giveaway would like a few more opinions on if you'd prefer 2 Orly Glam FX or 3 China Glaze Neon's :)

Stayed tuned to tomorrow for stamping over this manicure :)