Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double Stamp with Konad m85

I have some very exciting news!!!! That post I did yesterday I entered into the China Glaze Martini Manicure challenge and guess what!?!?! I won!!!! Ahhh you don't even know how ecstatic I was!! Ive never won anything before so it was an amazing feeling!!!

Okay now that Ive calmed down lol. Yesterday I treated myself to 2 new konad polishes and a new stamp. I got Konad m85 and there plain black and blue polish. Ive been wanting a colored one for awhile, and now that I have one and Ive tried it I want more!!!!

I used the base from my Singapore Sling manicure which was China Glaze Pink Voltage and Make some noise. I then first stamped the blue on using the circles pattern. Once I did every nail and it was dried I used my white and turned the stamp upside down and re stamped over it. I love the way this turned out. Its the first time that Ive done a double stamping and couldn't be happier with it.

I defiantly do like this color combination on Pink Voltage rather than Make some noise.

What do you guys think are some must have Konad stamping polish colors?