Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pretty & Polished Beach Bunny

Hey dolls as promised I have a Pretty & Polished swatch for you today!!! I decided to layer 1 coats of Beach Bunny over 2 coats of China Glaze Pink Plumeria. I cant believe how well these two polishes go together. I was very hesitant at first on getting Beach Bunny but once I put it on I feel in love. Ive seen that this glow under black light so ill have to find that out one day he he.

I love the depth that you get in the glitter with only 1 coat. Its insane. My camera kinda freaked out with this one so the color is actually more pink in real life then what this show.

Now I have something very NPR to show you but im really proud of ha ha. As you know on my weekend off I try and go fishing with my dad. Well usually I only catch weird or little fish. Well today when we went out I thought I caught weeds. As I was reeling in I got a sudden pull on my line thinking I caught more weeds. Next thing I know my dad yells you don't have weeds you have a big fish. So as i got this fish close to the boat and I can see it being the girly girl I am I keep moving further back from that side of the boat ha ha. My dad netted it and to our surprise this is what I caught :)

That is my first musky!!! He was 30 inches long which is too small to keep as they have to be 48 inches or larger. And of course I was two chicken to hold onto the chain for the picture so my dad did before be released him back into the lake.

Well that was my excitement for the weekend. It definitely was alot of fun.

Tomorrow I finally have a Olympic mani to show you all that I did for the closing ceremonies :)

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