Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LDoS: Summer Days

Post number 2 of the night is another Lazy Days of Summer challenge, Summer Days. This one I was kinda sneaky about. I didnt know what to do for it so I googled "Summer Days" to get some inspiration and the China Glaze Summer Days collection popped up. And sure enough I own 3 of those color, Cherry Pie, Strawberry Fields, and Grape Juice. So I decided to take two of those and do a manicure with them.
I took Strawberry Fields, and Grape Juice and alternated them, using 3 coats of each. Its been a while since Ive used either color and I forgot how pretty they are. Especially together!
I do love these colors but dont like that you can still see some VNL on the middle nail. But they are still gorgeous none the less. I do promise you that for the fall challenge the posts will be better spaced as we will be doing one a week, so I shouldn't fall so far behind next time.

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