Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My first Catrice!!!

Hey dolls, hope you all are having a great week!!!! Ive had a pretty busy one with work and such. Yesterday I came home to some nail mail from a dear friend which contained my first Catrice polishes and some more adorable Depend ones!!!!

Return of Space Cowboys, Godfather of Pearl, Dirty Berry, Heavy Metallic, 305 and 316.

There was some delicious chocolate and candies but my husband and parents devoured em before I got the picture taken lol.

So of course I had to paint my nails with a Catrice polish. I started off with 2 coats of Heavy Metallic. This polish was almost a one coater. The formula on it was fantastic. Once I was done that I had to use one of my Million Styles top coat so I added one coat of Godfather of Pearl. This combination is fantastic. The formula on it was great too. The only thing i have to say that's bad about Catrice is I dont like there brush. I dont know why but man was I ever messy with it lol. I then last night stamped the mani using Sally Hansen Silver Sweep with BM-320 plate to make it look like a water marble.

Overall I love this mani, yesterday I couldn't stop staring at the base color. Its definatly a great combination!!!!

Now I thought id share some pics of my Merf being lazy this morning hehe. He is definatly feel much better!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!! <3


  1. Awesome nail mail!! Your nails look fantastic! :D
    EEE what a cute kitty!! :'D

  2. Wow that's cool, I didn't realize that was a stamp until you made the note about it.

  3. Heavy Metallilac is so gorgeous! It's one of my favorite purples. And your Merf is adorable!! :)

  4. Omigosh your cat is so cute!!

    Love the mani, that polish seems to stamp so well!

  5. I tried to stamp with Insta-Dry Silver and it resulted in a huge fail :( The only image that worked was a rose and that probably because the design is bigger and rounded, kinda like what this one you did. This looks great! :)

    1. thanks doll, i hope you have better luck with it