Friday, August 17, 2012

Jawbreaker Heart Beat

Good afternoon dolls!!!! Ive had a productive Friday. Since I dont work till 3 I figured id do my hair and make-up all nice and then do some nail art on my fingers. What a better way to spend a Friday morning then to paper your self :)

So last night I started out by painting my nails with 1 coat of Billie French White then 2 coats of Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker. This is the first time Ive painted a whole manicure with this color and I loveee it. Sadly I couldn't get the red squares out of the bottle thou :(

Now I wanted some form of nail art on my nails but didnt want to over power this gorgeous color so I googled Jawbreaker and came across a heart beat manicure onto of it on flickr. So I had to try it!!!!
I used my Art Club Black stripper for this.

Isn't that adorable!!!!!! I love it <3 It has to be the easiest nail art ever as it doesnt have to be perfect.

Now as I said I also did my make-up all nce today. I decided to go with a white to pink to purple lid today and love it. This is from  a 120 color pallet that I got a few years back at a make-up show.

Hope you all have a great weekend <3


  1. How do you get your eye brows so perfect?

    1. I tweeze them almost every night, wax em twice a month and will use the brow razors to help get a clean line. plus brow power and brow gel